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Replace static lead forms with data-based playbooks

Build customized signup flows and connect the best leads with sales reps instantly to decrease speed-to-lead without compromising on the quality

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How it works?

Build your playbook

Create different paths from signup to booking a meeting based on your qualification strategy

Connect your CRM & CDP

Grok integrates with your data sources so you can provide every lead with the right path in real-time

Learn and iterate

Use analytics to get insights and optimize your inbound funnel

Watch our no-code builder in action

  • How is this different from a form?
    With Grok, you can build a data-based playbook instead of a static form and handle every lead in the best way in real-time to maximize revenue. Just like you have dedicated landings pages, you’ll be able to easily create and A/B test customized signup flows to improve conversions. It’s a way for you to qualify leads in real-time and offer qualified leads to schedule a meeting with sales reps.
  • How do you make the flows personalized?
    By connecting to your CRM and CDP, Grok allows you to build customized flows for each persona and evaluate every lead according to your ICP.
  • How does your pricing model work?
    Our pricing model is based on the number of sessions Grok is activated. You’ll be able to choose a plan that fits your traffic.
  • Does it integrate with my website?
    Yes, you can add Grok to your website with a single line of code.
  • Do I need IT?
    Nope. We give you full control over the next step of your inbound funnel without any engineering resources. Our codless platform allows you to connect your data sources and build any signup process that fits your needs in minutes.
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